Long distance Support

Distance support is a choice of solidarity and justice and plays a fundamental role in the path of the boys welcomed in the Archangel St. Michael Opera. It gives them the joy of knowing that, besides the family of the mission, there is someone who cares about them and to whom, in turn, they must offer attentions. In fact the boys are often encouraged by the educators to communicate with the godparents through chores, drawings, letters, wishes and thanks every day with prayers for the aid received. It is the meeting between two worlds that, even if geographically distant, are close thanks to a gesture of love.

20 Euro a month to save a life

Support can be made by a single person, a family, a group of friends, a parish, an association, a company.

The peculiarity of distance adoption is that it offers the opportunity to count on a lasting contribution over time and the possibility of planning the best management of economic and social resources.

The contribution is used to support the needs of children received in the Opera: food, health, education, to offer their families a basic basket, to carry out new projects to improve the quality of services offered and to manage any unexpected events that may occur.

How to become godfather or godmother

Fill-in and send the form “Distance Support”

Useful details for Godmother/Godfather or Supporters

Subscription is to be understood as a moral commitment and as such, renunciation can be expressed at any time. The support of a child may vary over time due to causes beyond our control and it usually can happen for the decisions of the judge (for internal children), or with the transfer of the family to other locations (for external children).

Upon joining the Association, in addition to the information about the child, information material will be sent. Then the Association will send updates, usually in two periods of the year like Easter and Christmas, on the activity of the mission and on the progress of the child.

Communications (letters, e-mails, greeting cards), or any material sent from you is handled exclusively by the Association. This choice is necessary because every communication must be translated into Portuguese and sent to the mission manager with all the necessary data. Regarding the material, sending to Brazil is difficult and expensive for several reasons, so it is held in storage until the departure of the volunteers, which usually takes place every year.

The San Michele Arcangelo Opera can be visited only after having read and accepted the regulations approved by the Association’s Board of Directors.

How to send the long distance adoption contribution

IBAN: IT80I0200854903000100251570

In the name of: “Associazione Il Padre Pellegrino ODV
Unicredit Filiale di Palazzolo Sull’Oglio (Bs)

IBAN: IT94P0760111200000001737482

Monthly20 EUR
Every 3 months60 EUR
Every 6 months120 EUR
Annual240 EUR