Volunteers in the Mission

The work of the volunteers who went to the Opera St. Michael the Archangel to contribute to its realization was valuable and effective. In fact, from Italy, in addition to the economic contributions, arrived specialized people that with great will and effort carried out their “mission”.

Many people today still ask us to visit the mission in order to offer their own contribution. It should be noted that the good functioning of the mission is the result of an orderly and planned organization, on a daily mission 420 children rotate in a perfect combination of times and activities and for everyone, like in a large family, there is time for listening, affectionate gestures and for playing.

It is therefore necessary that each visit to the mission be scheduled in advance and followed by people who know the Brazilian reality and the organization of the mission itself. This year one of our volunteers, who for years has been following and visiting the mission, is available to accompany groups of people who want to touch the reality of the Opera St. Michael the Archangel, so whoever is interested can contact us to know the details for that.

Thank you so much to everyone for your great heart!