Food of the World

It has taken many years of study together with researchers from various parts of the world and a huge research to obtain the funds to start the work of the first and only factory designed to produce a superfood to fight world hunger. It has born from an idea of Marco Roberto, that immediately after the foundation of the Society of St. Michael the Archangel, thought of how many children, a part from the ones he was helping already, were still hungry or cold. In his own words: “I thought that if I could not bring the world into our mission I could produce something within the mission to bring into the world“.

Then the idea, producing something small that with just a few grams could feed an undernourished child

The factory, whose machinery are mostly manufactured inside our mission, is divided into four sectors has the capacity to produce 50,000 bars per day

The first sector is where we process fruit, vegetables and legumes donated by the farmers of our region that having small defects can not be sold to supermarkets.

In the second sector we will process co-products of the brewing industry, in particular the “Trebbie” that are used in the first fermentation.

In the third sector we process more noble proteins such as soy, peanuts and whey proteins.

In the last sector we manufacture the Bar ready to be sent to the warehouse for shipment.

Food is the only resource in the world whose properties can not be sold.
by its very nature, it must always be shared at all times.

Remembering that in the end the only thing that counts in life is the good that we do to any person at any time anywhere in the world.

Watch the interview to Marco who introduce this project: