The donation

Donate anonymously and in a safe way via bank transfer or post. All the details below.

Marco Roberto Bertoli writes in a letter: “Charity is made of two hands, one that gives, the other receives and both must remain empty. The one that gives must be empty, because has been able to give everything, the one that receives can not hold back anything because needs everything.”

Donating is a gesture of great solidarity. The choice to give up something that belongs to us to give it to others who have not had our same possibilities offers new opportunities to those who receive, but also allows us to feel part of a project of true love.

In the name of: “Associazione Il Padre Pellegrino ODV
Unicredit Filiale di Palazzolo Sull’Oglio (Bs)

IBAN: IT80I0200854903000100251570

n.1737482 (Italian Account)
IBAN: IT94P0760111200000001737482