The new Church

The new church has finally been realized and consecrated after a lot of work. We are happy to present it after many efforts and the help of many people and to be able to use it to get closer and closer to God, for the celebration of Holy Mass and for moments of reflection and spiritual meditation.

From Marco Roberto’s words:

“I had recently bought the farm where we would have built the San Michele’s structure and, in those days, my father’s health become much worse. I managed to arrive in Italy and stay with him for a few hours before God called him to his home. I told him everything I imagined building for the future of our children, our city of boys! Perhaps few know that his last words before entering in a coma were: ‘After you have built what you have told me, do something for your father, build a church!”.

“Seventeen years later, I carry out my commitment to Heavenly Father through my earthly father: on 29 September 2017 we consecrated the Church of San Michele Arcangelo. The idea of reproducing a Romanesque church of a thousand years ago (the Abbey of Fontanella in Sotto il Monte – Bergamo, Italy) in Brazil, where no stones have ever been worked, was born from the love I have always had for this temple, where the light enters only to illuminate the crucifix and you always find yourself in the dim light, as in life, always in the dark until you understand that only Jesus can be your light.”

“I believe that God has expressed, through the words of a dying, his dream, a dream that goes beyond the walls of the mission, a dream of redeeming the faith through a holy place built on the pillars that found our mission: Love and Sacrifice.”