Thanks to Milena (Marco Roberto’s mother) who made herself available to accompany me to the San Michele mission, I managed to realize a dream that I had for a long time, the dream to visit a mission. I needed to get rid of the doubts that were inside me for a long time. First of all if I were able to face in person the vision of misery and so much poverty that exists in the world to try to give my personal little help and to understand if the little that I donate was really going for helping, because in the past I had negative experiences.

As soon as I entered the San Michele mission and got off the bus I did not believe my eyes for all those children, everyone hugged me and gave me a lot of kisses, and that’s where I had the first tear coming down from my eyes and not even the last one as every day is full of emotions. Then Marco Roberto accompanied me to visit the mission and explained the various functions of the San Michele and from that moment I can only compliment him for that little paradise he has created and for what he can do and give daily to those children to make them serene and loved.

Marco was very busy but could, I do not know how, give part of his precious time to make me understand the different problems of Brazil, from environmental degradation to the abandoned children (problems are so many and different) and to explain his future projects. At that point the doubts that I had were erased and started to grew inside me, and still grows, the desire to be part of those projects which purpose is to make feel good those children. I could tell you every minute that I lived at San Michele because it was an unforgettable experience and the only thing I can say to Marco Roberto and all the CHILDREN of Sao Miguel Arcanjo is: OBRIGADO OBRIGADO OBRIGADO OBRIGADO OBRIGADO – Massimo Lorenzetti