A few days before leaving for Brazil I realized that a month was long… back in Italy I realize that a piece of my life flew in a flash !!

Living these days in contact with these beautiful souls has taught me the true meaning of gratitude, kindness, love (and I really hope not to “re-westernize”). Children in need of affection, listening and tenderness … children who have suffered the worst ugliness of life already in a very early age, deprived of all physical and human dignity and who have done nothing but transmit these fundamental values to me. They taught me what in fact life took away from them … incredible !!! Children who know how to appreciate every little thing or gesture and who thank Deus (God) for what they now have thanks to Marco Roberto and who are grateful for every opportunity that is offered to them, grabbing it as the anchor still grabs the seabed to give stability to the ship, as a little certainty that will give value to their future life.

Many of us are convinced that it is sufficient to feed them and, for the love of God is not a little thing, but in fact it is not enough as these guys need above all someone who believes in their abilities and helps them to create a life perspective which is a right for every single human being. Marco has fully understood this right and for that he is very grateful to all those who support him in this beautiful and profound work from Italy. For my part I am very grateful to him for allowing me to understand that I am not giving charity to anyone, but that it is my duty to support with the means I have who gave and continues to give his life for others, aware that sooner or later “the others are us”.

I have often thanked God for being born on the right side of the world. Now I wonder, I’m sure it’s the right part? Right in what sense? Why do I have everything and more? Yes, I’m not complaining about this, but this “everything and more” has long distracted me from what was and is really important which is living life but not lived for myself but spent with sincerity and love with who is far from this love, and they can be anyone: out of my door, in my own home or anywhere in the world!

I lived wonderful days, working, dancing, playing and crying !! I received so many kisses and hugs from these creatures and their educadores and not even one of them I felt as an empty person .. hugs of love that say everything without saying a word.

I will be eternally grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to do this experience that I had been wanting for years and that I will repeat whenever possible until the end of my earthly days, and if I am too old and drowsy, I will stop in the elderly’s house (one of Marco Roberto’s part of the mission) whom I hug dearly !!!

Obrigada a todo mondo e viva la Vida com Deus – Thanks to all the world and long live life with God