My life has been like this …

I was sick at home and my grandmother took me to visit the doctor at the hospital and they told me I had to stay a little longer, so I had to be hospitalized. They made me a surgery, but later I was even worse and my case became serious.

The doctor then asked me: “Do you want to go to another hospital in Belo Horizonte?”. “No, I do not want to” I replied, because I should stay away from my family. But then, in the end, they convinced me that for my case it would have been better to accept and I accepted. Before leaving for the hospital Marco Roberto and Marlon came to see me, they came to hug me, we talked a lot and they made me feel love and affection. I left, but when I arrived in Belo Horizonte I thought: “I do not come back home anymore”.

I had to make a new intervention and then another surgery and this time the result was positive, thanks to God and to our faith my status has improved. All my schoolmates gave me strength, they prayed each day for me, showing how much they love me.

I happyly returned home, finally hugging again my friends, I missed them a lot! When I returned at school they welcomed me with kisses and hugs and, like me, they were all very happy. Thanks God, I feel very well now.

Thayenne Lara Aparecida Almeida
(Translated by Marlon)